Vocations Sunday Rescources

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The Work of a Vocations Director

In Canon 385 we are told that the bishop is required to foster all vocations to ministry and religious life though with “a special care for priestly and missionary vocations”.  Importantly the task of fostering vocations is not just the responsibility of the bishop but of the whole Christian community (Canon 233). In these two […]

A Reflection for Vocations Sunday 2014

Every single person has a vocation, a calling, a dream held for us by God as to who God would have us be and what God would have us do with our lives. When we speak of “praying for vocations” it is somewhat      inaccurate. Vocations are freely given by God. What we are really     praying […]

Music for Vocations Sunday 2014

Shepherd Me O God – Hosanna/Laudate/Gather You Are Mine – Gather/Laudate/In Caelo If God Is For Us – Glory & Praise/Laudate/Liturgical Hymns Old & New/Celebration Hymnal Like a Shapherd – Glory & Praise/Laudate/Liturgical/Celebration Hymnal At the Lamb’s High Feast We Sing – Veritas Hymnal/Hosanna/Liturgical Hymns Old & New/Celebration Hymnal Take and Eat – Hosanna/Gather/Laudate/Liturgical Hymns […]

Poster for Vocations Sunday 2014

This poster can be used as a general poster to promote vocations all year round. It can also be downloaded as a PDF by clicking the link here: Vocations Sunday Poster 2 A customisable poster is available on request by emailing nationalvocations@gmail.com