A Missionary Initiative for the Month of October



Brought to you by ‘The Hook of Faith’



A Zoom Conference that shines the light of the Gospel on modern Irish culture.

  • Expert input for 25 mins.
  • Q and A for 10 mins.
  • Dates and speakers shown below.
  • Each conference begins at 8pm. Open to all.

To take part, send an email to thehookoffaith@gmail.com to receive address and password for Zoom call.

‘What matters is to evangelise culture – not in a purely decorative way, as it were, by  applying a thin veneer – but in a vital way, in depth and right to its very roots’
(St. Pope Paul VI, Evangelii Nuntiandi, 20).

‘It is imperative to evangelise cultures in order to inculturate the Gospel. In countries of Catholic tradition, this means encouraging, fostering and reinforcing a richness which already exists’
(Pope Francis, The Joy of the Gospel, 69)


  • Tues. 29th September  Mission and Medicine  Luke Mcnamara OSB
  • Thurs. 1st October  Mission and Youth  Holy Family Mission
  • Tues. 6th Oct.  Mission and Science  Sean O’Leary
  • Thurs. 8th Oct.  Mission and Law  Patrick Treacy
  • Tues. 13th Oct.  Mission and Education  Fr Michael Drumm
  • Thurs. 15th Oct.  Mission and Music  Steve Warner
  • Tues. 20th Oct.  Mission and Family  Bairbre Cahill
  • Thurs. 22nd Oct.  Mission and Media  Breda O’Brien
  • Tues. 27th Oct.  Mission and Politics  Sen. Ronan Mullen
  • Thurs. 29th Oct.  Mission and Sport  Philip Mulryne OP
  • Tues. 3rd Nov.  Mission and Parish/Diocese  Bishop Phonsie Cullinan