Bishop Martin Hayes Ordains Thomas Small to the Priesthood

On Sunday 27th  September,  Bishop Martin Hayes, Diocese of Kilmore, ordained Thomas Small to the priesthood for the Diocese of Kilmore.

Bishop Hayes cautioned Thomas  that the administrative responsibilities or ‘being a busy priest/bishop” may conflict with the value of just ‘being present to others in Christ”.“We need to develop a balance between our pastoral work and the care of ourselves, while remaining rooted in a deep spiritual life,” he said.

“Recent research into the caring of priests, religious and those in pastoral ministry has shown that a life-giving ministry requires that we stay true to our original call, remain in touch with the memories, the vital sources of personal growth found in a loving, caring home environment,” said the bishop.

“It is in solid family and local community life; its nurturing, its joys and coping with sorrows, its fragility, where that ‘still small voice’ of God, the God who journeys with us, is heard,” he added.