Have you considered being a priest?

Exploring Priesthood – Tuesday 1st March @ 8 pm

Is God call you to be a priest?

  • Perhaps you’re longing for something more in your life?
  • Perhaps God is calling you to live your life as a diocesan priest?
  • Perhaps you are uncertain, but would like to learn more?

Discerning if God is calling you to give your live in service as a priest is different for everyone. For some, it is a moment of discovery. For most, it is a growing awareness that develops over time. For all, it is a moment in time when an internal stirring suggests the next step toward a clearer focus on “God’s call in my life.”  It is not necessarily a call to priesthood, but a call to consider the possibility.

This zoom event evening is aimed at Catholic men aged 18 and over, who are beginning to explore if they have a calling to be a priest.  The 90-minute zoom will provide you with an opportunity to hear priests and seminarians share about how they heard their call, how they discerned what God was asking of them and what is involved being a priest and of seminary formation.

This event is being hosted by the National Vocations Office of the Irish Catholic Bishops’ Conference and is open only for men resident and living in Ireland.

To register for this “Zoom with Seminarians and Priests”
please email: info@vocations.ie