Financial Support for Vocations Promotion:

The National Vocations Office was established by the Irish Catholic Bishop’s Conference in July 2017.  We are very appreciative of the financial support given to us specifically  to provide  resources for the promotion of vocations by the Order of Knights of  Saint Columbanus.


The Order of

The Order of Knights of Saint Columbanus are  an Order of Catholic laymen dedicated to the service of Christ in daily life, in the workplace, the marketplace, in City, Urban and Provincial areas.

The Order have four main objectives. These are:

  • To promote by personal and group action the extension of a practical Christianity in all phases of life.
  • To maintain a fraternal society of Catholic Lay leadership.
  • To honour the Faith.
  • To prepare its members for the Apostolate.

Further information about the Order of Knights of Saint Columbanus can be found on: